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Eastern Shore of the North Sea
Chart List, & Enlarged View
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Chart # Description Scale
37162 Goree to Texel 1:150,000
37163 INT 1471 Ijmuiden to Amsterdam
    A: Roadstead to Harbors of Ijmuiden     1:15,000
    B: Noordzeekanaal & Harbors of Amsterdam and Zaandam     1:20,000
37164 Approaches to Scheveningen and Ijmuiden
    Panels: A: Approaches to Scheveningen     1:50,132
    Plans: Scheveningen     1:10,022
    A: Approaches to Ijmuiden     1:50,132
37165 Ameland to Fano 1:375,000
37200 West Coast of Jylland 1:375,000
37202 INT 1451 Gradyb
    A: Esbjerg (North)     1:12,500
    B: Esbjerg (South)     1:12,500
37205 Approaches to Esbjerg 1:130,000

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Chart # Description Scale
37221 Borkum to Neuwerk and Helgoland 1:150,000
37222 Mouth of the Ems River
    A: Fischerbalje and the Harbor of Borkum     1:15,001
    B: Eemshaven     1:19,992
37223 Borkum to Texel 1:150,000
37224 The Ems, Dukegat to Pogum (Germany-Netherlands)
    A: Harbor Plan of Emden     1:12,500
    B: Dollart     1:50,000
37226 Mouth of the Elbe
    Plan: Cuxhaven     1:12,500
37228 INT 1453, The Elbe from Oste to Brunsbuttel and Krautsand
    A: The Oste from Geversdorf to Osten     1:50,000
    B: Port and Lock installations of Brunsbuttel     1:15,000
    C: Port of Gluckstadt     1:10,000
    D: Dornbusch     1:30,000
    E: The Stor from Wewelsfleth to itzehoe     1:30,000
    F: Itzehoe     1:30,000
37229 INT 1454, Elbe River from Krautsand to Schulau (Germany-North Sea)
    Plan: Stadersand     1:15,000
37230 INT 1455, Elbe River from Schulau to Hamburg
    A: The Elbe from Scheulau to teufelsbruk     1:30,000
    B: Port of Hamburg     1:15,000
37231 Mouths of the Jade and Weser
    Plan: Dove Harle     1:25,000
37232 INT 1460, Jade- Inner Part
    Plan: Wilhelmshaven     1:15,000
37234 The Weser Robbenordsteert to Bremmerhaven (North Sea-Germany)
    Plans 1 & 2: harbors of Bremerhaven     1:12,500
37235 The Weser, Nordenham to Farge
    A:Brake Harbor     1:10,000
    B: Elsfleth Harbor     1:10,000
    C1: The Hunte (Huntebruck to Oldenburg)     1:50,000
    C2: Continuation of Plan C     1:150,000
    D: Oldenburg harbor     1:20,000
    E: Mouth of the Hunte     1:10,000
37236 The Weser, Farge to Bremen (North Sea)
    A: Farge to Osterort     1:25,000
    B: Vegesacker Kurve     1:12,500
    C: Harbors of Bremen     1:12,500
    D: Stephani-Brucke to hemelingen     1:25,000

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Chart # Description Scale
37238 INT 1470, Texelstroom and Den Helder Roads
    Plan: Den Helder     1:15,000
37241 Approaches to Europoort and Hoek van Holland 1:50,128
37242 INT 1475, Hoek van Holland to Vlaadingen 1:20,000
37243 INT 1476, Vlaadingen to Ijsselmonde and Dordrecht
    (Sections A, B, & C)
37244 West Hinder and Outer Gabbard to Vlissingen 1:150,150
37246 INT1478, Vlissingen to Antwerpen
    A: Sloehaven     1:25,000
    B: Tarneuzen     1:30,000
37248 Mouth of the Westerschelde
    A: Zeebrugge     1:20,011
    B: Vlissengen     1:25,005
    C: Brugge     1:15,005
37249 INT 1479, Westerschelde Vlissingen to Baalhoekand Terneuzen-Gent Canal
    Continuation     1:40,000
    Plan: Vlissingen Oost (Sloehaven)     1:25,000

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