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Canadian Hydrographic Service
Small Craft Charts

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Alberta & Saskatchewan
Lake Athabasca
Chart # Description Scale
6301 Fort McMurray to Fort Smith 1:31,680
6302 Fort Smith to Great Slave Lake 1:31,700
6310 Lake Athabasca 1:250,000
6311 Poplar Point to Stony Rapids 1:50,000
6321 Peace River, Lake Athavasca and Slave River 1:63,400
6322 Peace River, Jackfish River to Vermilion Falls 1:63,400

Index chart not available at this time

Northwest Territories

Great Slave Lake
Chart # Description Scale
6341 Great Slave Lake, Eastern Portion 1:250,000
6354 McIver Point to Mirage Point 1:31,700
6355 Mirage Point to Hardisty Island 1:31,700
6356 Hardisty Island to North Head 1:31,700
6357 North Head to Moraine Point 1:31,700
6358 Northwest Point to Jones Point 1:31,700
6359 Jones Point to Burnt Point 1:31,700
6360 Windy Point to Slave Point 1:31,700
6368 Southeast Approach to Yellowknife Bay 1:31,700
6369 Yellowknife Bay
    Plan: Yellowknife     1:6,000
6370 Great Slave Lake, Western Portion
    Plan: Hay River     1:100,000
6371 Harbours in Great Slave Lake South Shore
      Breynat Bight     1:7,200
      BUffalo River     1:7,200
      Dawson Bay     1:7,200
      Hay River     1:7,200
      Ile du Mort     1:7,200
      Presqu'ile Cove     1:7,200
      Sulpher Cove     1:7,200

Index chart not available at this time

Great Bear Lake
Chart # Description Scale
6390 Great Bear Lake
      Great Bear River     1:250,000
      Approaches to Echo Bay     1:50,000

Index chart not available at this time

Mackenzie River
Chart # Description Scale
6452 Mackenzie River, Kilometer 0-58 1:50,000
6453 Mackenzie River, Kilometer 58-90 1:25,000
6454 Mackenzie River, Kilometer 90-147 1:50,000
6455 Mackenzie River, Kilometer 147-205 1:50,000
6408 Cache Island to Rabbitskin River 1:50,000
6409 Rabbitskin River to Fort Simpson 1:25,000
6410 Fort Simpson to Trail River 1:50,000
6411 Trail River to Camsell Bend 1:50,000
6412 Camsell Bend to McGern Island 1:50,000
6413 McGern Island to Wrigley River 1:50,000
6414 Wrigley River to Three Finger Creek 1:50,000
6415 Three Finger Creek to Saline Island 1:50,000
6416 Saline Island to Police Island 1:50,000
6417 Fort Norman, Police Island to Halfway Island 1:50,000
6418 Norman Wells, Halfway Islands to Rader Island 1:50,000
6419 Norman Wells to Carcajou Ridge 1:50,000
6420 Carcajou Ridge to Hardie Island 1:50,000
6421 Hardie Island to Fort Good Hope 1:50,000
6422 Fort Good Hope to Askew Islands 1:50,000
6423 Askew Islands to Bryan Island 1:50,000
6424 Bryan Island to Travaillant River 1:50,000
6425 Travaillant River to Adam Cabin Creek 1:50,000
6426 Adam Cabin Creek to Point Separation 1:50,000

Index chart not available at this time

Mackenzie River Delta
Chart # Description Scale
6427 Point Separation to Aklavik Channel 1:50,000
6428 Aklavik Channel to Napolak Channel
Including Aklavic Channel to Azlavik
6429 Kilometre 1580 to Kilometre 1645
including East Channel (Inovuk to Kilometer 1645)
6430 East Channel, Kilometre 1645 to Kilometre 1710 1:50,000
6431 East Channel, Lousy Point to Tukyoyaktuk 1:50,000
6432 East Channel, Kilometre 1500 to Inuvik 1:50,000
6433 West Channel, Aklavik to Shallow Bay 1:50,000
6434 Reindeer Channel, Tununuk Point to Shallow Bay 1:50,000
6435 Middle Channel, Tununuk Point to Mackenzie Bay 1:50,000
6436 Napoiak Channel
Including Schooner and Taylor
6437 Mackenzie Delta Peel Channel
Including Husky
6438 Peel River, Mackenzie River to Road Island 1:50,000
6439 Peel River, Road Island to Snake River 1:50,000
6440 Arctic Red River, Arctic Red River to Martin House 1:50,000
6441 West Channel
Including Anderton, Ministigoog and Moose Channels to Shoalwater Bay
6451 Sans Sault Rapids 1:20,000

Index chart not available at this time

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