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Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand
The Eastern Malay Peninsula

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Chart # Description Scale
93042 Plans in the South China Seal
    A: North Danger Reef     1:30,000
93043 Tizard Bank (South China Sea) 1:75,000
93044 Yongshu Jiao to Yondeng Ansha (South China Sea) 1:250,000
93045 Heng Jiao to Haima Tan (Routh Shoal) (Seahorse Shoal) 1:250,000
93046 Mantangule Island to Eran Bay (palawan Passage) 1:250,000
93047 Yongshu Jiao to Po-Lang Chiao 1:250,000
93048 Duhu Ansha (North Viper Shoal) to Kimanis Bay 1:250,000
93061 Reefs in the South China Sea
    B: Thitu Island & Reefs & Subi Reef (Sumi Syo)     1:117,840
    C: Loaita Island (Hato Syo) & Reefs     1:117,840
93018 Kuala Terengganu to Ao Nakhon (OMEGA) 1:496,000
93110 Pulau Tioman to Terengganu (OMEGA) 1:300,000
93113 Approaches to Kuantan 1:75,000
93115 Approaches to Kertih 1:75,000
93117 Kertih and Kuantan
    A: Kertih Terminal     1:25,000
    B: Kuantan     1:15,000
93160 Kuala Terengganu to Laem Khao Phra 1:242,900
93180 Laem Khao Phra to Ko Kra (Thailand)
    A: Harbor of Songkhla     1:48,800
    B: Ao Pattani     1:149,900

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Chart # Description Scale
93200 Ko Kra to Lang Suan Roads 1:241,300
93220 Lang Suan Roads to Prachuap Khiri Khan (Gulf of Thailand) 1:240,000
93224 Prachuap Khiri Khan & Vicinity (Gulf of Thailand) 1:20,000
93240 Prachuap Khiri Khan to Ko Chuang (Gulf of Thailand) 1:240,000
93241 Laem Krabang to Mae Nam Chao Phraya
    Plan: Mouth of mae Nam Chao     1:75,000
    (Including Bangkok Bar)
93242 Bangkok Bar to Ban Bang Hua Sua 1:10,000
93243 Ban Bang Hua Sua to Sathu Pradit
Including Krung Thep (Bangkok) Harbor
93244 Plans on the Gulk of Thailand
    A: Approaches to Ban Ao Udon     1:20,000
    B: Approaches to ban phatthaya     1:25,000
93245 Approaches to Ao Sattahip (Thailand) 1:75,000
93246 Sathu Pradit to Krung Thep (Bangkok) 1:10,000
93247 Chong Khram & Ao Sattahip 1:15,000
93260 Ko Chuang to Ko Kut (Thailand-Cambodia) 1:238,000
93261 Ko Chuang to Ko Samet (Gulf of Thailand) 1:50,000
93280 Ko Kut to Baie de Ream (Cambodia-Thailand) 1:240,000
93300 Baie de Ream to Hon Khoai (Cambodia-Vietnam) 1:296,000
93301 Baie de Ream to Hon Rai 1:152,800

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Chart # Description Scale
93020 Mui Ong Thay to Mui Ke Ga (OMEGA) 1:500,000
93320 Hon Rai to Song Ganh Hao
including Hon Khoai
93340 Song Gank Hao to Cua Dinh An
including Con Son
93342 Con Son
    Plan: Pierre Blanche Anchorage     1:12,500
93360 Mouths of the Mekong River to Mui Ba Kiem 1:53,000
93385 Approaches to Saigon (Vietnam) 1:75,000
93404 Entrance to Song Nga Bay 1:25,000
93405 Song Sai Gon Can Gio to Banc de Corail 1:15,000
93406 Song Sai Gon (Vietnam)
    Plan: banc de Corail     1:5,000
93420 Mui Ba Kiem to Mui Ne (Pointe Vinay)
    Plan:Cu Lao Thu     1:80,000

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Chart # Description Scale
93022 Mui Ke Ga to Mui Ba Land 1:500,000
93440 Mui Ne to Mui Lo Gio
    Plan: Ca Na Anchorage     1:50,000
93442 Plans on the Coast of Vietnam
    A: Baie de Phan Rang     1:50,000
    B: Mui Dinh     1:12,500
    C: Baie de Nha Trang     1:30,000
93446 Vinh Cam Ranh (Vietnam) 1:25,000
93460 Mui Lo Gio to Cu Lao Xanh (Vietnam) 1:151,400
93469 Approaches to Nha Trang Pointe de La Gio (South China Sea - Vietnam) 1:60,000
93474 Mui Ban Thang to Cap Varella
    Plan: Vung Ro     1:25,000
93478 Approaches to Vung Xuan Dai & Vung Qui Nhon (Vietnam) 1:50,000
93480 Cu Lao Xanh to Mui Ba Lang An (Vietnam) 1:150,400
93491 Approaches to Qui Nhon
    Plans: Qui Nhon     1:10,000

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Chart # Description Scale
93025 Mui Ba Lang An to Cua Nhuong (South China Sea) (OMEGA) 1:500,000
93500 Mui Ba Lang An to Ban Dao Son Tra 1:149,500
93503 Approaches to Nvung Da Nang 1:50,000
93512 Vung Da Nang (Vietnam)
    Plan: Da Nang     1:12,500
93520 Paracel Islands (OMEGA)
    A: Woody Island     1:58,800
    B: pattle Island     1:15,000
93540 Ban Dao Tien Sa to Cap Lay (Vietnam) 1:334,850
93560 Mui Lay to Mui Ron (Mui Ron Ma) 1:148,800

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