C. C. Edwards Co. Inc
Industrial & Marine Coatings
272 Dorchester Ave,
P.O.Box 358
Boston, MA 02127
Phone: (617)268-4111-4112
E-mail: websales@cgedwards.com



Marine Hardware

Navigation Lights

L.E.D. Navigation Lights

Vessels under 12 & 20 Meters

Tri-color Lights
Bi-color Lights
Removable Bi-color Pole Lights
Bases for Removable Pole Lights
Vertical Mount side Lights Under 12 meters
Vertical Mount side Lights Under 20 meters
Horizontal Mount SideLights Under 12 meters
Horizontal Mount SideLights Under 20 meters
Stern Lights
Masthead Lights
Fixed Mount Masthead/White All-round Lights
Fold Down Masthead/White All-round Lights
Plug in Masthead/White All-round Lights
"European" Style Navigation Lights
L.E.D. Navigation lights
Navigation Lights, Vessels under 20 meters
Meal Absent Light

Vessels over 20 meters
Navigation Lights, Vessels over 20 meters
Technical Specifications for over 20 meter Navigation Lights

Vessels 20 to 50 Meters
Navigation Lights, Vessels 20-50 meters
Technical Specifications for 20 to 50 meter Navigation Lights

Replacement Parts
Bulbs for Navigation Lights
Replacement parts for Bi-color & Tri-color Lights

Underwater Hardware

Raw Water Strainers
Raw Water Strainers
Strainer Replacement Parts

Intake Strainers
Pump Strainers
Pipe to Hose Adapters
Inline Ball Valves

Drains and Scuppers
Garboard Drain Plugs

Thru-Hull Fittings
Plastic Thru-Hulls
Thru-Hulls for Hose
Thru-Hulls for Pipe

Deck Hardware
Deck Plates
Gas Tank Vents
Fuel fills

Battery Switches

Deck and Topside Hardware
Mooring and Anchoring Hardware
Bow Eyes
Row Locks (Oar Locks)
Waste Deck Plates
Gas Tank Vents
Deck Plate Keys

Please Note:
We feel obliged to inform our customers that neither
C.G. Edwards Co Inc. or Boxell's Chandlery,
under any circumstance sell or divulge any personal information about our customers, nor do we in any way store that information on our server.
Please be assured that we will continue to do everything within our power to keep any information submitted by our customers as secure as we possibly can.

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