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Sealants and Waxes

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Miracle Coat Boat Wax

A premium protective coating that greatly enhances and extends the life of any fiberglass finish. It is effortlessly applied directly to the fiberglass surface. After a brief drying period, the residue is easily removed revealing a brilliant, showroom shine.
Available in either liquid or paste

Qty Product   Price
RUL412 Miracle Coat Boat Wax, Liquid 12 ounce $ 8.75
RUL415 Miracle Coat Boat Wax, Paste 11 ounce $ 11.25

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One Step Fiberglass Restorer & Wax

A heavy duty cleaner and wax that works better than many rubbing compounds without the effort, or the damaging effects of rubbing compounds. Fiberglass Restorer and Wax cleans and restores color and depth to dirty or oxydized fiberglass or painted finishes. Follow-up with a coat of Miracle Coat Boat Wax to seal and enhance the lustre and greatly extend the life of the finish.

Qty Product   Price
RUL410 Fiberglass Restorer & Wax - Paste 11 oz $ 9.50
RUL413 Fiberglass Restorer & Wax - Liquid 12 oz $ 8.75

Marine Penetrating Sealant

This low viscosity penetrating sealant is specially formulated for those narrow joints into which it is difficult to get an ordinary sealant. Ideal for sealing windshields, portholes, hatches, vents, and fine deck and cabin seams. Skins in minutes and cures in 1 to 7 days. Has all the adhesive and strength characteristics of Elastomeric Marine Sealant. paintable and wet sandable when cured. Simple cleanup with mineral spirits

Qty Product   Price
RUL350 Penetrating Sealant - Clear 3 Fl oz - Tube $ 7.50

Elastomeric Marine Sealant

A one part, fast skinning and fast curing marine grade sealant with superior strength, adhesion, elongation, and life characteristics. Cures in temperatures from -20°F to +120°F and can be wetsanded and painted after cured. Flexebility and compression capabilities are excellent. It is the perfect sealant for heavy duty service above or below the waterline. Resistant to teak cleaners, oil, diesel fuel and salt water. Adheres tenaciously to fiberglass, wood, metal, glass, lexan, plexiglass, and other plastics. Simple cleanup with mineral spirits. not recommended for wood deck seams

Qty Product   Price
RUL320 Elastomeric Sealant, White 3 Fl oz Tube $ 7.50
RUL321 Elastomeric Sealant, Clear 3 Fl oz Tube $ 7.50
RUL300 Elastomeric Sealant, White 10 Fl oz Cartridge $ 14.95
RUL301 Elastomeric Sealant, Clear 10 Fl oz Cartridge $ 14.95
RUL302 Elastomeric Sealant, Black 10 Fl oz Cartridge $ 14.95

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Boat Zoap Hull Stain remover

penetrates and instantly removes deep stains , rust and growth from fiberglass and aluminum surfaces.
Contains oxalic acid. Stong and effective, but safe to use.
trigger spray allows quick and easy direct application
100% biodegradable earth-friendly formula.

Qty Product   Price
RUL815Q Boat Zoap Hull Stain Remover 32 oz $ 9.50

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Automatic Bilge Cleaner

Heavy duty, concentrated formula for the toughest jobs.
Protects hulls from costly deterioration. Disolves, emulsifies and combines grease, oil and scum with bilge water. Automatically reaches the most dificult places with the roll of the boat.
Kills bilge odor, saves scrubbing time.
98% biodegradable earth-friendly formula.

Qty Product   Price
RUL800Q Automatic Bilge Cleaner 32 oz $ 6.95
RUL800G Automatic Bilge Cleaner 128 oz $ 18.95
RUL800-55G Automatic Bilge Cleaner 55 gallons $ 850.00

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Boat Zoap Cleaner

All-purpose, non-caustic cleaner that works well in fresh or salt,
hot or cold water.
removes gull droppings and harbor scum. Great for washing greasy pots, pans, stoves, sinks and dishes. Excellent for washing sails.
Leaves surface film free and sparkling clean.
100% biodegradable earth-friendly formula

Qty Product   Price
RUL805Q Boat Zoap 32 oz $ 6.95
RUL805G Boat Zoap 128 oz $ 18.95
RUL805-55G Boat Zoap 55 gallons $ 850.00

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Boat Zoap Plus Cleaner

Heavy Duty, works like powders without the abrasion. Double-action emulsification removes scum, smudges, oil and grease.
Ideal for fiberglass. Will not damage finish or gelcoat surfaces.
Not for use on sails or fabrics
100% biodegradable earth-friendly formula

Qty Product   Price
RUL810Q Boat Zoap Plus 32 oz $ 8.50
RUL810G Boat Zoap Plus 128 oz $ 22.95

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Aqua Fresh

For fresh tasting, odor free drinking water from fiberglass, plastic or metal tanks. Simply deposit the contents of these handy packets into water tanks. Absolutely safe and nontoxic.

100% biodegradable earth-friendly formula.

Qty Product   Price
RUL830 Aqua Fresh 1 lb. Box $ 9.95

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Aqua Clear

For rust free water from potable water tanks. Also for use in automobile radiators, hot water heaters or wherever rusty water is a problem. Forms a microscopic film over all surfaces it touches so that corrosion in metal pipes or tank is controlled. Colorless, odorless, harmless and non-toxic.
100% biodegradable earth-friendly formula

Qty Product   Price
RUL835Q Aqua Clear 32 oz $ 11.50

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