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Pump Fittings and Accessories

Float Switches


35.jpg - 3746 BytesRule-A-Matic Switch

Environmentally responsible. Completely sealed metal capsules enhance flawless operation. Year after year, theRule-A-Matic® is the switch of choice of most selective yachtsmen, commercial fishermen, and boat builders the world over, which has made the Rule-A-Matic® the best selling float switch in the world. For use with pumps drawing up to 14 amps.

Quantity Model Description Price
35 Rule-A-Matic Switch $ 22.95
35F Rule-A-Matic Switch with Fuse Holder $ 23.95
36 Switch Gard for Model 35 Switch $ 5.95
37.jpg - 6190 BytesSuper Switch

Environmentally responsible. Completely sealed metal capsules enhance flawless operation. Designed for the toughest applications, and backed by a two-year warranty, the Rule SuperSwitch will be ready to work when you need it most. For use with pumps drawing up to 20 amps.

Quantity Model Description Price
37 Super Switch $ 34.95
37F Super Switch with Fuse Holder $ 35.50
38 Super Switch Guard $ 8.50
39.gif - 7856 BytesECO-Switch

The Rule ECO-Switch is an ecologically sound automatic bilge pump control control switch. Featuring a non-mercury design, the pump operates with simple air pressure. As water rises in the bilge, air rises in the air tube that is attached to switch. This air pressure activates the switch which controls your pump. There are no moving internal parts, all wiring is out of the water, and there are no submerged electrical connections at all. Offering complete reliability and outstanding performance, the Rule ECO-Switch offers a viable alternative to traditional float switches. For pumps drawing up to 20 amps.

Quantity Model Description Price
39 Eco-Switch -12 volts DC $ 42.95
39-24 Eco-Switch - 24 volts DC $ 45.50
40.jpg - 5068 BytesRule-A-Matic Plus Switch

The Rule-A-Matic Plus represents the latest in innovation and design. Compact, sleek and rugged, the Rule-A-Matic Plus™ Float Switch has a strong, fully integrated, impact resistant cover, which protects against debris and jamming. New highly abrasion resistant wires exit the top keeping them out of the water and keeping wear and tear to a minimum. Dual level anti-clog water slots provide a unique level of performance and protection. Manual testing feature allows an operations check. Available in fused and unfused versions. For use with pumps drawing up to 20 amps.

Quantity Model Description Price
40 Rule-A-Matic Plus Switch $ 28.95
40F Rule-A-Matic Plus Switch with Fuse Holder $ 29.95

Panel Switches
41.gif - 11536 BytesDeluxe Panel Switch

Controls any pump equipped with an automatic float switch. Toggle has three positions (automatic, off, or manual) and has a "fail safe" spring return to “off” from the “manual” position. Panel is black stainless steel and has red indicator light and fuse holder.

Quantity Model Description Price
41 Deluxe Panel Switch, 12 VDC $ 21.95
42 Deluxe Panel Switch, 24 & 32 VDC $ 22.95
43.gif - 14888 BytesDeluxe Plastic Rocker Panel Switch

Controls any pump equipped with an automatic float switch. This unit features a black plastic panel. It has a built-in fuse holder and an internally lighted rocker switch with 3 positions (automatic, off, or manual) with the Rule “fail-safe” spring return to “off” from the “manual” position.

Quantity Model Description Price
43 Deluxe Plastic Rocker Panel Switch, 12 VDC $ 22.50
44 Deluxe Plastic Rocker Panel Switch 24 & 32 VDC $ 26.95
43.gif - 14888 BytesStandard Panel Switch

Similar to the Lighted Panel Switch but without indicator light or fuse holder. The “manual” position has a “fail-safe” spring return to “off” so you can’t leave your pump running by accident. Black stainless steel panel.

Quantity Model Description Price
45 Standard Panel Switch,12, 24 or 32 VDC $ 16.50
49.gif - 16388 BytesOn/Off Panel Switch

Attractive black stainless steel panel highlights your control panel. Simple “on” and “off” toggle provides fingertip control.

Quantity Model Description Price
49 On/Off Panel Switch, 12, 24 or 32 VDC $ 14.95

33al.jpg - 8145 BytesHigh Water Bilge Alarms

The Hi-Water Bilge Alarm consists of a float switch and an in-dash gauge that features both a visual and an audible 85 db alarm. This unit allows an unmanned compartment to be constantly monitored. For additional compartments add additional Rule Float Switches. Complies with CFR 182.530 which requires a visual and audible alarm in each unmanned space on commercial vessels at least 26' (7.9m) in length.

Quantity Model Description Price
31AL High Water Bilge Alarm, 32 VDC $ 48.50
32AL High Water Bilge Alarm, 24 VDC $ 48.50
33AL High Water Bilge Alarm, 12 VDC $ 48.50
34AL Alarm Only for 33AL, 12 VDC $ 25.50

72.gif - 9945 Bytes74.gif - 13875 BytesThru-hull Fittings

High impact plastic will not rust, corrode or discolor. Specially designed for Rule pumps.

Quantity Model Description Price
59 Thru Hull Fitting - 1 1/2 Straight $ 7.75
60 Thru Hull Fitting - 1 1/8 Straight $ 5.95
61 Thru Hull Fitting - 3/4 Right Angle $ 5.95
61S Thru Hull Fitting - 3/4 Straight $ 5.95
62 Thru Hull Fitting - 5/8 Right Angle $ 5.95
72 Thru Hull Fitting - 2 Straight $ 21.95
74 Thru Hull Fitting - 3 Straight $ 46.95


63.gif - 7215 Bytes

Designed to be used with Rule Pumps and thru-hulls. Heavy-duty molded, non-corrosive, high impact plastic.
Garden hose adapter snaps onto discharge port converting pump into standard garden hose fitting.

Quantity Model Description Price
63 Thru Bulkhead Adapter, 1 1/2 to 3/4 $ 6.00
64 Switch Adapter for 3700 and 4000 GPH Pumps $ 2.00
65 Switch Adapter for 1500, 2000 and 5 Yr. Pumps $ 2.00
67 Straight Adapter, 1 1/2 to 1 1/8 $ 5.95
68 Garden Hose Adapter - 1 1/8 to 1 N. P.T. $ 5.95
69 Straight Adapter Double Stepped, 1 1/8 to 3/4 or 5/8 $ 4.00

57.gif - 5658 Bytes90° elbow adapters

90 ° elbow adapters are designed for rigid pipe installations of Sump and Utility Pumps. Adapters snap onto discharge port. Opposite end is female pipe threaded. High impact plastic will not rust, corrode or discolor.

Quantity Model Description Price
57 90° Elbow Adapter, 1 1/8 to 1 N.P.T. $ 5.95
58 90° Elbow Adapter, 1 1/2 to 1 1/4 N.P.T. $ 5.95

79.gif - 3795 Bytes94.gif - 5549 Bytes110 Volt Pump Accessories

Pump base measures 12" x 12" (305mm x 305mm). Especially useful for pool cover applications. Pumps mount directly onto base. Keeps pumps steady – no tip-over. Handle attaches directly to pumps. Allows for easy mobility and protects power cord from undue strain.

Quantity Model Description Price
79 Handle Only for 110 Volt Pumps $ 5.50
290 Pool Cover Pump Strainer Base $ 15.95

Replacement Bases and Parts


70.gif - 9108 BytesStainless Steel Debris Strainer

Extra measure of protection for use on round based Rule pumps up to 3700 GPH (14010 LPH). Installs directly into existing strainer. Filters out excess debris and helps prevent jamming and failure.

Quantity Model Description Price
70 Stainless Steel Debris Strainer $ 4.95
66.gif - 10496 BytesVertical Mounting Brackets

Permits small Rule bilge pumps to be side mounted to a vertical stringer, a bulkhead or a transom. Use this bracket when bottom mounting is inconvenient or impossible. Simply remove the strainer from the pump, put the bracket in place, and reassemble.

Quantity Model Description Price
66 Vertical Mounting Bracket for Small Round Pumps $ 4.95
99 Vertical Mounting Bracket for Rule Mate Pumps $ 4.95
71.gif - 7940 BytesUniversal Pump Adapter

Allows all Rule 360 (1360), 500 (1893), 800 (3028) Round and 1100 GPH (4164 LPH) pumps to be mounted to competitive bases: Attwood® V-500, Mayfair Proline 500 (1893), 750 (2839), 1000 (3785) and West Marine 500 (1893), 750 (2839) and 1000 GPH (3785 LPH) models.

Quantity Model Description Price
71 Universal Pump Adapter $ 3.50
Replacement Bases
Quantity Model Description Price
275 Strainer Base for all Round Rule Pumps up to 1100 GPH $ 4.95
276 Gas/Impact Resistant Strainer Base for Round Rule Pumps up to 1100 GPH $ 5.95
277 Strainer Base for Square Rule Pumps - 800 and 1000 GPH $ 5.95
278 Strainer Base for Round Rule Pumps - 1500 and 2000 GPH $ 5.95
279 Strainer Base for Round Rule Pumps - 3700 and 4000 GPH $ 5.95
285 Strainer Base for Small Rule Mate Pump - up to 1100 GPH $ 4.95
286 Strainer Base for Large Rule Mate Pump - 1500 and 2000 $ 6.95

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